ARt or waR
a street performance :  We arrived with a simple question " is this aRt or is this war? " 
Concept: a play on words "art of War ".lets create a game the describes the relationship between the two words where the outcome reveals the true destruction of war, the part commerce plays and the difficulty of rebuilding. 
the winner of this games wins on a subconscious level      
presented to a large mass of people nearly 20,000.
the crowd was invited to witness or participate. 
PErformers duty 
 the performers job  is to maintain the order of the space,  trying their best to retain the original look of the black and white painting as it was first presented. 
The performer must ask the question is this art or is this war ?
and lastly performer  must use signs to community the current state of continuous. 
audience PArticipation 
first the answer the question verbally. ( is this ARt or WAR ?)
second they could throw a balloon filled with paint.  
third they could choose to do nothing .

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