social inter action : The name of the the game is cover me with paint. The act of covering a body with a a usually occurs when someone dies, as a sign of respect the body is draped or zipped in a. The body is then carried away to preserve the dignity of the persons image. 

location earth 2018: Washington DC , 
Maps Glover and Sifu son took to the streets in a blaze of glory they painted vigorously a canvas of 14ft . Smash! crack! bang bang Maps  and Sifu  at war over who will paint the canvas first , Maps and Sifu  surrounded by hundreds of people some people started to look and listen others to observe the fury
What fury! What fury! They screamed, the fury of art and creation the fury of  working together they expressed 
The sky began to rain, every drop of rain melted into the paint, the rain began to wash the covers into black. Maps  and Sifu began to cover each other with the canvas,The canvas now black was now a bag. Maps first Sifu lay on top the wet black canvas now soaked from the rain. Back to the earth heart to the sky, Maps then began to fold the left side of the canvas and then the right , each fold done with precision, Maps walked slowly to the legs and began to fold up to torso, lastly the face was covered and the body rolled. Sifu remained in the black canvas bag for 7 breaths. Beneath the canvas  each breath was much different they were slower, steady, heavy , Each inhale lifted the bag higher each exhale slowly floated  the bag back down. After the 7th breath Maps began to unwrap Sifu. First the head down to the torso next the right side and then the left. Once Sifu made it to her feet Maps began to lay on the surface of the canvas
sifu Now began to wrap Maps with the same precision. First the right sides then torso and the head that follows. This ritual lasted 743 wraps. This number was consistent with the number of people killed by police violence in the united states by September, 2018. Maps and Sifu continued to wrap each other until they completed the numbers in the count. Maps and Sifu now covered in paint, and breathless lay their bodies on the ground on displayed for the world to see. A community stunned with confusion for they did not realize they had witnessed the murder of 743 citizens. 

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